Wind turbine tower is the supporting pole of complete wind turbine system. In global wind energy market, wind turbine towers and wind turbines are manufactured by different plants. To establish a wind farm project, the investors must find two different suppliers provides the wind turbine towers and wind turbines for them.

But the design of wind turbine tower must consider the wind turbine capacity and vibrating performance and the length of wind turbine rotors. Different wind turbine capacities may create different vibration intensities. The vibration intensity of wind turbine is a strong impact on the stiffness of wind turbine towers, so during wind turbine tower design stage, wind turbine vibration intensity must be considered. Moreover, the length of wind turbine rotors is also a strong impact of wind turbine tower height. Longer wind turbine rotors need higher wind turbine towers. Nowadays, the length of wind turbine rotor keeps increasing, so the height of wind turbine towers keeps increasing, too.

What Promote Wind Turbine Tower Market

According to a report released by the market research firm “ReportsnReports”, by the end of 2019, the value of global wind turbine tower market will be worth over $19 billions.

Wind energy is the main part of clean renewable energy sources. Right now, both developed countries and developing countries are promoting wind energy development positively. And all the national governments pay more attention to wind energy development, they are enhancing the support to wind energy development, such as increasing the spending on wind energy research & development, focus on wind energy technological progress, etc. The complete wind energy industry creates huge job opportunity in the whole world. All these factors show a bright prospect of the growth on wind energy market. Also, the increasing wind energy market surely requires more wind turbine towers.

a picture of onshore wind towers

Competition in Wind Turbine Tower Market

The competition in wind turbine tower market is fierce, the market is dominated by some large wind tower suppliers such as China CS Wind, America Enercon Wind, etc. Despite these top wind tower suppliers, there are also some medium wind tower suppliers that are quite active in the market, such as Shanghai Taisheng Wind Power Equipment, CNBM in China, Vestas Wind in Denmark, Gamesa Wind in Spain, GE in the USA, Siemens in German, etc. Moreover, almost every wind tower market research report shows that the high wind turbine tower will dominate the future market, and the manufacturer can supply wind towers over 100 meters will hold the largest share of wind turbine tower market.

The report released by ReportsnReports also shows that the Asian-Pacific region will dominate the wind tower market in 2019, CS Wind and Taisheng Wind Power Equipment will receive nearly 44% of complete wind tower market shares.

The reasons that make Asian-Pacific wind turbine tower market grows fast are the rapid development of industrialization, the increasing power demands, and the strong support to renewable energy that provided by their governments.

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Wind Turbine Tower Types & Market Shares

There are four types of wind turbine towers on the market: lattice wind turbine tower, concrete wind turbine tower, steel wind turbine tower, and concrete and steel hybrid wind turbine tower. Economically speaking, among all these wind turbine tower types, steel wind turbine tower is the best choice. The report released by ReportsnReports has estimated that steel wind tower will hold the largest wind tower market shares in 2019, which is about 92% of complete wind turbine tower market shares. The reasons that made steel wind tower dominate the market is the sufficient cost-effectiveness and its ability to safely support the upper wind turbines.

According to the different application areas, wind tower market can be divided into two parts, offshore wind turbine towers, and onshore wind turbine towers. Even though offshore wind turbine tower market developed quickly in recent years, by the end of 2019, onshore wind turbine tower market still holds 92% of complete wind turbine tower market shares.

Even though the development of wind turbine tower market seems unstoppable, we must still pay attention to some negative impacts that may impede the wind tower market development. For example, the expensive wind tower construction and installation cost will make some small wind farm investors step back, and the unstable raw material price and the danger of supply failure will also impede the market development.

four different types of wind turbine towers