wind turbine cable for sale

CNBM Wind Turbine Cable For Sale

For cables for wind turbine, they are not only asked to perform as well as the ordinary cables, but also are required to have more special features, such as small bending radius, frequent torsion adaptability. As the wind turbines tower are installed mostly in the places where the weather condition is harsh, e.g. the temperature is low, the daily temperature difference is large, the cables may work at a temperature range of -45 degrees Celsius to 50 degrees Celsius. CNBM can provide cables for wind turbine with the best technology, structure, and insulation property.

The wind turbine cable is generally divided into 3 categories: the power cables, the control cables and the data transfer cables.

The features of CNBM wind turbine cables:

  • Good performance of low-temperature resistance, wearing resistance, aging resistance, and microorganism. Great corrosive resistance to petroleum and chemicals.
  • Good torsion and bending performance. passes the test where the ambient temperature is as low as -40℃,  twisting more than 3000 times (twisting it clockwise and anti-clockwise for 4 rounds each by 360℃ as one time). The cables won’t break or crack after the test.
  • Work at -45℃ to 110℃.
  • The cable laying temperature is no lower than -30℃.
  • The bending radius is 4 times larger than the cable outer diameter for fixed installation and is 5 times larger for mobile installation.

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Why choose CNBM wind turbine cables

  1. We use the most advanced equipment for manufacture.
  2. Good conductor material. The purity of bronze is 99.99%.
  3. The insulation material features in low temperature resistant and corrosion resistant.