Wind Turbine Tower For Sale

Onshore & offshore steel wind turbine towers for commercial wind power applications.
Fully customized design & manufacture.

Commercial Wind Turbine Tower Supplier from China

Anyang Machinery is a state owned manufacturing enterprise founded in 1968, which is a subsidiary company of China National Building Material Group (also known as CNBM). It is specialized in wind turbine tower manufacturing, and covers more than 1333 acres and with a workshop section of 60000m² and more than 800 sets of manufacturing equipment. We supply steel wind turbine tower for wind power project of 1.5MW, 2MW, 2.5MW, 3MW, 5MW, 6MW, etc. More >>

quality wind turbine tower material

Quality steel material

The materials for wind turbine tower manufacturing are high quality hot-rolled low alloy high strength steel plates which is manufactured by the state owned steel plants in China, such as Bao Steel.

OEM wind turbine tower service

OEM wind turbine tower service

With the support of the outstanding engineering team and full equipped manufacturing equipment, Anyang Machinery is confident to provide 100% customized wind turbine tower construction service including OEM design, fabrication, tower internal kitting, cabling, coating and corrosion protection.l.

trusted supplier

Fortune Global 500 company reputation

CNBM has been listed in Fortune Global 500 companies for many years. As a subsidiary company and as a professional wind turbine tower manufacturer, Anyang Machinery is totally worth of your trust.

Wind turbine tower for sale

Quality wind turbine tower made by hot-rolled low alloy high strength carbon steel. Anyang Machinery provides 100% original wind turbine tower designs for both onshore and offshore wind power generator systems with large dimension range. All of CNBM wind tower products are ISO-certified. Contact us with your wind turbine tower needs, and get your special quote today! Learn more about CNBM wind turbine towers.

Wind turbine tower flange and anchor cage

Anyang Machinery provides complete high strength steel wind turbine tower anchor cage with an anchor plate, a load distribution plate, and several anchoring bolts to connect the plates. We provide custom flange parts complying with the international standard. View more about CNBM wind turbine tower flange..

Wind Turbine Tower Parts And Components

Anyang Machinery provides both aluminum and steel wind turbine spare parts for wind turbine tower construction, which includes wind tower door, the entrance stairway, wind turbine tower internal platform, railing, ladder, cable tray and so on. View More about CNBM wind turbine tower parts.

Wind Turbine Tower Manufacturing Process

Anyang Machinery is a 40 years wind turbine tower manufacturer in China, which maintains 60,000m² workshop for complete wind turbine tower production line includes: CNC cutting — bending — welding — testing — coating. As a complete wind turbine tower solution provider, Anyang Machinery also provides onshore wind turbine tower foundation components and the complete aluminum and steel wind turbine tower internals.

More Steel Wind Tower Manufacturing Details

CNBM steel plate bending workshop

Steel Plate Bending

roundness check of wind turbine tower section

Roundness Checking

wind turbine tower welding process

Tower Section Welding

welding wind turbine tower and flange together

Flange Welding

NDT checking after welding

NDT Checking

wind turbine tower before sand blasting treatment

Ready for Sand Blasting

wind turbine tower anti-corrosion treatment

Anti-corrosion Treatment

Wind turbine tower after coating

After Coating Treatment

Recheck final wind tower sections

Final Inspection

wind turbine tower leaving factory

Tower Section Transportation

wind turbine tower anchor cage assembling

Anchor Cage Assembling

wind turbine tower assembled

Onsite Assembling

Wind Tower Parts For Sale

As a complete wind tower solution provider, Anyang Machinery provides one-stop wind turbine tower parts for industrial wind farm construction. Some of the steel and aluminum wind tower internal parts will be welded and installed on the inner surface of wind turbine towers before transportation. For the already built wind farms, we can also provide wind tower internal kittings for replacement and maintenance.

Our main products: wind tower door, wind tower stairway, wind tower platform, wind tower ladder, wind tower railing,  wind tower light kit, wind tower cable kit, wind tower electrical cabinet kit, etc. More >>