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Wind Turbine Tower Market Reviews

Wind turbine tower is the supporting pole of complete wind turbine system. In global wind energy market, wind turbine towers and wind turbines are manufactured by different plants. To establish a wind farm project, the investors must find two different suppliers provides the wind turbine towers and wind turbines for them. But the design [...]

November 10th, 2017|Wind turbine tower|

Onshore Wind Tower Foundation Types

Wind tower foundation is the base component of wind turbine towers. Wind Tower Foundations not only bear the complete weight of hundred meters high wind tower and the upper wind turbine, but also host all the stress states under wind turbine vibration, and the extreme weathers like: earthquake, strong wind, etc. The stiffness of [...]

Wind Turbine Tower Turn into Art

With the development of renewable energy, wind energy has been appreciated worldwide, as its characteristics of clean, recycled, renewable, and abundant sources, etc. In order to improve the environment problem and release the country from high fossil oil dependence, the national governments encouraged the investors to build wind farms to generate electricity instead of [...]

The Corrosion Prevention Measures of Offshore Wind Turbine Tower

As the renewable energy, wind power development rapidly and gradually becomes the an important component of sustainable development strategies in many countries. Wind turbine equipment mainly consist of blades, wind turbine generator and wind turbine tower, among them, wind turbine tower is the support structure of wind turbine generator, also an essential part of [...]

Wind Turbine Tower Cylinder & Foundation Parts

We all know that the wind turbine tower is the pole that support the upper wind turbine. It offers the height wind turbines need, therefore, for the outsiders, wind turbine tower seems like a complete steel tubular with such a huge size. But are wind turbine towers really only a one piece steel tubular? [...]

Wind Turbine Tower Height Reviews

As the renewable energy plays a significant role in power generation industry, there are thousands of wind farms around the world. Most of the wind farms adopt horizontal axis wind turbines, but there are also a few wind farms use vertical axis wind turbines. No matter what types of wind turbines they use, one [...]