With the development of renewable energy, wind energy has been appreciated worldwide, as its characteristics of clean, recycled, renewable, and abundant sources, etc. In order to improve the environment problem and release the country from high fossil oil dependence, the national governments encouraged the investors to build wind farms to generate electricity instead of the traditional thermal power plants. Therefore, there are more and more wind farms have been built in both onshore and offshore areas.

As we all know, steel wind turbine tower has dominated the industrial wind turbine tower market. So when we talks about wind farms, I bet more than 80% of people has the same picture in their mind, dozens of huge white tubular wind tower standing there and with wind turbines on the top. No matter where the wind turbine tower manufacturers are, the wind turbine towers they manufactured always share the similar look, a white tubular steel cylinder.

For all these years, we get used to these white steel wind towers, it almost feels like the white steel wind tower is the only look for wind turbine towers. But recently, some creative people start to make a different about the appearance of wind turbine towers, which makes the wind turbine tower looks more artistics. In the following article, I will show you several different types of paintings on wind turbine towers worldwide that makes wind turbine towers a local scenery.

Wind Turbine Tower Shows Local Belief

In the mid-north of South Australia, a large wind farm project has finished in 2017. Before the wind farm tower project has officially finished, the project contractor and the Australian Government invite some local artists to paint a beautiful painting on the wind turbine towers.

The mid-north of South Australia is original owned by Nukunu people who still lives in that area. The painting on the wind turbine towers tell the story of the serpent that created the land and how the serpent connect to the local Nukunu people. This storyline is provided by the local Nukunu people.

After the painting is finished, local Nukunu people are very proud of the wind turbine tower project. They feel like there is a real connection between the renewable energy project and themselves. And everyone comes to this area can see these paintings,  it is a good way to make more people know their culture.

local story paint on wind turbine towers

Wind Turbine Tower Paints Vertical Color Charts

wind turbine towers with vertical colored painting on itIn the mid-east of England, there is a large wind farm project has been established 4 years ago near Lindsey, Lincolnshire, Great Britain. In order to make it a little difference, the wind farm project designer gives the wind turbine tower a vertical graduated green color charts appearance.

Although it is just a small change, after the wind farm project has officially finished, the colored wind turbine towers cause an excellent response. Especially in winter, when there is a big snow comes, the land has been covered by white snow, and only the graduated green colored wind turbine towers stands there silently. Everything is perfectly beautiful. And some photographers even made special trip to see the beautiful scene, and took pictures of it. The local people are also happy to have a wind farm that can not only bring them electricity, but also bring them a beautiful scene.

Wind Turbine Tower Shows Innocence

The reason why we are so eager to develop the renewable energy is to keep the sustainable development of the society, to give the next generation a better environment to live. Therefore, it is very important for our children to have a good knowledge about renewable energy utilization. Wind energy is a main part of renewable energy which gives us clean and endless energy source. So these days, we can find more and more wind turbine tower has been covered with childlike painting which can cause the interests of children.

In November,2016, the first official art wind turbine tower is finished just standing at Unterlaa, Vienna, Austria. There are flying cartoon figures painted on the whole tower section which is inspired by a vintage children’s book illustrations. The artist says that there are over 1100 wind farms in Austria, and 40% of the country’s household electricity consume is provided by wind farms. So the art wind turbine tower will make wind farms closer to the society, especially for the children. The same thing also happens in Australia. In South Australia, there is also a wind farm has painted comic pictures on the wind turbine towers.

Except the comic pictures, a wind farm in Germany find another way to paint their wind turbine towers. They invited the children from local primary schools to have a field trip to their wind farm, introduced the wind energy knowledge to the children, and at last let the children paint on the wind turbines and print their fingerprints on the wind turbine towers.

the first official art wind turbine tower


With more and more attention of wind energy, the artists and other creative people will definitely come up with more great ideas to make the wind turbine towers more aesthetic and artistic. And there will be more and more people keep a watchful eye on wind energy.