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Wind Turbine Tower Cylinder & Foundation Parts

We all know that the wind turbine tower is the pole that support the upper wind turbine. It offers the height wind turbines need, therefore, for the outsiders, wind turbine tower seems like a complete steel tubular with such a huge size. But are wind turbine towers really only a one piece steel tubular? [...]

Wind Turbine Tower Height Reviews

As the renewable energy plays a significant role in power generation industry, there are thousands of wind farms around the world. Most of the wind farms adopt horizontal axis wind turbines, but there are also a few wind farms use vertical axis wind turbines. No matter what types of wind turbines they use, one [...]

Steel Wind Turbine Tower Material Reviews

As the development of wind energy, many steel plants start to manufacture steel plates that can exactly meet the requirements of steel wind turbine towers. Therefore, all the famous national steel standards have established their own wind power steel plates standards. […]

The Research Status of Wind Turbine Tower Design

Wind turbine tower is the main supporting parts of the complete wind energy generator system. It is used to connect the wind turbine to the ground circuit and provide the required height for the wind turbines. A normal industrial wind turbine tower is 40m – 120m high. As it shows such a height, the [...]

A Brief Introduction of Wind Energy

Wind energy is a renewable clean energy source which has large reserves and wide distribution. With development of wind turbine towers, wind energy can be converted into mechanical energy, electricity, thermal energy and utilized as one of the main energy sources. […]

April 7th, 2017|Wind energy|

Wind Turbine Tower Types Reviews

Wind turbine tower is a pole that used support the upper wind turbine to stay at a certain height that it can convert the wind into electricity. Except the supporting function, wind turbine towers also need to absorb the vibration of the wind turbine. Wind turbine towers are normally dozens of meters high, so [...]