Wind turbine tower is the support component of the complete wind power generating system, but it is not just a steel pole which gives the wind turbine a certain height. In order to transport the electricity that the wind turbine generated back to the underground grid, it needs some cables to connect the wind tower upper turbine and the underground grid. Moreover, in order to maintain the efficient working status of wind power generating systems, it need furthermore maintenance after the wind turbine systems have been established on site. So there are many different components have been set inside the wind turbine tower to support and maintain the further operations of wind turbine systems, all these components has been set inside the wind turbine towers are called wind turbine tower internals.

As for the different purposes, wind turbine tower internals can be divided into two types, the electrical wind turbine tower internals, and the infrastructure wind turbine tower internals.

a picture of wind turbine tower inner structure

Electrical Wind Turbine Tower Internals

Inside wind turbine towers, there are many electrical components have been installed on the inner surface of wind turbine towers, such as lights, cables, etc.

Wind Turbine Tower Light

Wind turbine towers are normally dozens of meters high, when there is anything wrong of the wind turbine system operation and wind tower maintenance, the workers need to go inside the wind turbine tower to do the troubleshooting process. It is a totally confined space inside the wind tower. As there is no natural light inside the wind tower, so we have to install some lights on the inner surface of wind turbine towers to support the inspection and maintenance.

There are many different types of internal lights inside wind turbine towers, such as normal tower light, door light, flood light, aviation light, etc. Tower lights are the most common lights inside wind turbine towers, there is a tower light installed on the wind tower inner surface along every few meters. Right now, there are two types of door lights, LED lights and fluorescent lights. Door light is installed to light the wind turbine tower door. Flood light is used for large area lighting, as the height of wind turbine tower is about a hundred meters, so flood light is widely used inside wind turbine towers. Aviation light is normally used for offshore wind turbine towers. It is a special equipment used to alarming people.

different lights for wind turbine tower

Wind Turbine Tower Cables

Cables are one of the most important wind tower internals, as it transports the generated electricity to the underground grid. Inside wind turbine towers, there are many different types of cables for different purposes. To transport the electricity generated by wind turbines back and supply the needed electricity for wind turbine tower internal lights, we have power cables and control cables. Also, in order to realize the monitor of wind turbine operation online, there are also some data cables used to connect the upper wind turbines and have been placed inside the wind turbine towers.

As there are a large amount of cables placed in wind turbine towers. In the interests of further maintenance, wind turbine tower internal cables are supported by cable trays. Also, to connect the cables, there will also need some junction boxes. It is also a common component of wind tower internal cable kit, and every professional wind tower internal supplier can provide a customized cable and junction box solution.

a picture of wind turbine tower cables

Wind Turbine Tower Infrastructure Internals

With lights and cables, we are able to see things in wind turbine towers, and transport electricity back to the underground grid. But how can we actually set up the cables inside the huge wind turbine towers? How can we climb up to dozens of meters high? There we need some infrastructure components inside wind towers, such as tower door, stairway, tower inner platform, etc.

Wind Turbine Tower Door

Wind tower door is the entrance of wind turbine towers, every wind farm owners requires strong safety and stiffness performance of wind tower door. The most common materials to make wind tower door are aluminum and steel. Different wind farmer owners may have different considerations, so both of aluminum wind tower door and steel wind tower door are popular on the market.

Wind Turbine Tower Entrance Stairway

It is a common view that wind tower door are set higher than the ground, therefore, wind tower entrance stairway is also needed so that we can easily come to wind tower doors. The entrance stairway is the only one infrastructure tower internal outside wind turbine towers, which is totally exposed to the weather. The materials of wind tower entrance stairways are also aluminum and steel, and in order to enhance its serve life, the surface of wind tower stairways are corrosion resistant.

Wind Turbine Tower Ladders

Wind turbine tower is made of steel sheet, which has very smooth surface both inside and out. Therefore, to climb up to a certain height, we have to set up ladders on the inner surface of wind towers. Aluminum ladders are more popular than steel ladders, and most of the wind farm owners would like to weld the ladders on each tower section during wind turbine tower manufacturing process, and assemble them together on site.

Wind Turbine Tower Platform

Wind turbine tower platform gives the workers a safe place to prepare their working equipment and have a rest when they have to climb up the wind turbine tower to do some inspection and maintenance. Along the wind towers, at wide intervals, there is a aluminum platform have been installed inside wind turbine towers. In order to reduce the difficulty during construction, wind tower platform will be installed inside wind turbine towers during the wind tower manufacturing process.

a picture of wind turbine tower internal infrastructure parts